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Introduce you to what is a solid material mixer

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Introduce you to what is a solid material mixer

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The handling of the operating conditions of the mixer, ie the handling of the material temperature and mixing time, is generally related to the formulation of the material. When operating, it is necessary to mix evenly, and to prevent the degradation of material molecules. In operation, the mixing operation process is generally controlled by investigating changes in the reading of the current meter of the main motor. The mixing operation is generally controlled at around 4-8mm. For example, the material in the mixing process is generally in the form of powder, and the slightly granulated del material is generally required to be chopped by means of a flying knife of the mixer to facilitate pulverization or pelletizing.

Mixer equipment used in various occupations, in use, the mixer can mix a variety of materials into a uniform mixture, such as in the pharmaceutical profession, the ingredients of different ingredients are evenly mixed together to form a compound; can also accelerate physical changes, For example, a granular solute is added to the solvent, and the effect of the mixing machine can accelerate the dissolution and mixing.

Commonly used mixing machines are divided into gas and low viscosity liquid mixers, medium and high viscosity liquid and paste mixers, thermoplastic material mixers, powder and granular solid material mixers. Here we mainly introduce the solid material mixer.

The powdery and granular solid material mixers are mostly intermittent operations. Currently, there are three types of V-type mixers, three-dimensional mixers and trough mixers.

When mixing, it is required to participate in the uniform distribution of the mixed materials. The degree of mixing is divided into three categories: ambition mixing, random mixing and non-mixing. The degree of mixing of the various materials in the mixing machine depends on the proportion of the material to be mixed, the physical condition and characteristics, and the type of mixing machine used and the timing at which the mixing operation continues.


Meike Machinery Co., Ltd. is a mixer manufacturer mainly engaged in research, development, production, marketing and service of high quality mixer mixing machinery. It is widely used in chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, oil field, oil refining, pesticide, veterinary drug, paint, pigment, dye and auxiliary agent. Metallurgy, smelting, refractory, mining, building materials, electronic plastics, feed, aquaculture, medicine, bioengineering, food, ceramics, glass and new materials, nuclear energy materials and other industries.

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Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

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