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Maintenance knowledge of the powerful mixer

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Maintenance knowledge of the powerful mixer

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The intensive mixer consists of a U-shaped container, a ribbon mixing blade and a transmission component; how do we maintain it when we use it? Today, Kaizheng Xiaobian introduces the maintenance knowledge of the product.

Powerful mixer equipment

1. When the equipment is working, no hard foreign objects larger than 5mm should enter the machine. Otherwise, it should be stopped and cleaned. If you find any abnormal sounds such as metal strikes and conflicts during work, you should stop and check the sweep in time.

2, for solid-liquid mixing should work first, after the spray, after the completion of the spray, continue to work for 3 to 5 minutes.

3. The mixing time of one material is generally about 5-8 minutes. The special material mixing time needs to be determined by the user.

4. The particle size of the mixture is 20-1400 mesh; the amount of spray can be determined according to the adsorption performance of the material and the user's production process requirements.

5, the application should be regularly replaced with reducer and bearing lubricants. The lubrication of the reducer is not carried out according to the specifications of the reducer. Composite lithium grease for spindle bearings.

Xiaobian introduces another point: the shaft end seal is sealed with packing. The sealing material is generally oil-impregnated asbestos. If a small amount of leakage is found during operation, the packing cap compression bolts should be tightened.

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Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

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