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Briefly introduce the main horizontal mixer classification

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Briefly introduce the main horizontal mixer classification

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Many people may only be a concept about the mixer, but they do not know what kinds of horizontal mixers are. It is suggested that we pay more attention to the selection of equipment when facing different materials. Here is a brief introduction of the main classification of horizontal mixers.

Horizontal ribbon mixer

1, horizontal ribbon mixer series

The WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer consists of a U-shaped container, a ribbon mixing blade and a transmission component. The spiral belt is divided into continuous and broken type, and the spiral belt blades are generally made into two layers or three layers, and the outer spiral material is gathered from the two sides toward the center, and the inner layer spiral conveys the materials from the center to the two sides to form a flow mixture.

Principle: It consists of a container, a spiral mixing blade and a transmission component: the spiral blade is generally made of two or three layers, the outer spiral gathers the material from both sides to the center, and the inner spiral conveys the material from both sides to form a convection mixing.

Features: (1) large loading factor and small equipment footprint. (2) Cleaning is difficult when mixing viscous or cohesive materials.

3, horizontal coulter mixer series:

The LDH series coulter mixer is composed of a transmission mechanism, a horizontal cylinder, a coulter, and a flying knife. The material moves convectively along the wall of the vessel under the effect of the coulter. When the material flows through the flying knife, it is thrown by the flying knife that rotates at a high speed, so that uniform mixing is achieved in a short time.

Principle: There are multiple sets of coulter mixers installed on the main shaft, and the misalignment is continuously installed. The structure avoids mixing dead angles. During operation, there is an uninterrupted vortex centrifugal force. The misaligned coulters continue to mix and vortex centrifuge. The material flow is continuously stacked and shattered, causing the materials to jubilant, convectively circulating in parallel, and quickly mixing the materials.

Features: When working, the coulter makes a circular motion, the material is split by the coulter blade into two directions to form a two-way material flow, and the materials diverted from the two coulters interpenetrate to form a convection, when the material flows through the high-speed flying knife High-speed flying knife blades are sheared and thrown to achieve uniform mixing in a short period of time. The mixing precision of the machine is high, and no segregation occurs during mixing, especially for materials that are easy to gather, which can disintegrate and break up.

2, horizontal double-axis gravity-free mixer series

The horizontal double-shaft gravityless mixer series has a double-shaft paddle mixer and a horizontal gravity-free mixer. It meets the user's requirements with its strong and efficient mixing. The two mixing shafts in the horizontal cylinder are in constant speed. Rotate and mix. An atomizing nozzle is arranged on the cylinder cover for mixing the solid and liquid.

Principle: The rotation of the two axes relative to the opposite direction drives the blades of different viewpoints to circulate the material in the axial direction and the radial direction. Under the effect of high line speed, the material is thrown up and falls under the weightlessness (ie no gravity) condition, throwing up and throwing When falling, the material is interspersed and mixed to reach uniformity. The discharge port is divided into a large opening type and a small opening type, and the large opening type discharging is convenient and has no residue. The strength of this machine is wide application range, high mixing uniformity and short mixing time.

Features: Compared with other mixers, the gravity-free mixer has short mixing time, wide adaptability and does not damage the strength of the mixture. It does not pressurize and grind the material, and has excellent adaptability to the mixing of coarse and fine materials. . The gravity-free mixer can perform cross-interlacing convection, blending, diffusion and other composite movements in the machine body without destroying the mixture, so that the material can reach the better mixing effect in a short time.

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Address: No. 1381, Xitang Avenue, Xitang Town, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province



Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

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