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Double spiral cone mixer related knowledge

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Double spiral cone mixer related knowledge

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First, the main purpose:

Cone mixer is a new type of high-efficiency and high-precision particle mixing equipment. It is widely used in chemical, pesticide, dye, medicine, food,

Double spiral cone mixer

Double spiral cone mixer

Mixing of various powder particles in occupations such as feed, petroleum, and metallurgical mines.

Cone mixer

Second, the main features

(1) Advanced structure, convenient operation and safe and reliable operation.

(2) The mixing speed is fast and the quality is uniform. The double helix of the machine is asymmetrically arranged, and the large and small ones expand the mixing range, so it is more suitable for mixing materials with a large specific gravity ratio.

(3) The energy saving effect is remarkable, and the energy consumption of this machine and the drum type mixer is only one tenth.

(4) The wear and pressure feeding of the granular material are fine, and the superheating reaction does not occur for the heat sensitive material mixing.

(5) The mixed preparation is stable and does not cause delamination and segregation.

(6) The machine is sealed and dust-free, with simple operation, convenient maintenance and long service life. In addition, the cone can be made into a pressure vessel for pressurization or vacuum operation according to user requirements.

(7) The auto-transmission and revolution of the machine are completed by a set of motor and cycloidal needle reducer.

Third, the working principle

(1) The particles move around the wall of the cone due to the revolution of the double helix.

(2) Because of the autogenous transmission of the spiral blade, the powder is discharged to the center of the cone for radial movement.

(3) The powder flows upward from the bottom of the cone and is discharged to the outer peripheral surface of the spiral to mix the materials.

(4) The downward movement of the powder particles caused by the spiral rotation is precisely because of the combination of the revolution and the rotation of the spiral in the mixer, forming four kinds of flow forms of the powder: convective, shearing, diffusion, and infiltration. . Thus, the powder can quickly reach a uniform mixing in the mixer.

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Address: No. 1381, Xitang Avenue, Xitang Town, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province



Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

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