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Performance characteristics of three-dimensional rocking mixer

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Performance characteristics of three-dimensional rocking mixer

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The operation principle of the three-maintenance swing mixer is different from that of the traditional rotary mixer. It performs common translation, rotation, rock motion in the three-dimensional space of the cube, and makes the material in the mixing cylinder "rotary flow-translation-reverse down". Such complex movement conditions, the so-called TURBULA condition; an alternating pulse occurs, continuously pushing the material, and the movement of the movement has a varying energy gradient, so that the particles in the mixed material have an inability to move. The various particles constantly change their position in the frequent dispersion of motion, and a satisfactory mixing effect occurs.

The three-dimensional rocking mixer is composed of a machine base, a driving system, a three-dimensional motion organization, a mixing cylinder and an electric control system. The mixing cylinder that is in direct contact with the material is made of stainless steel, and the inner wall of the cylinder is finely polished.

The series of three-dimensional rocking is a novel material mixer widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and other scientific research units. The machine can mix the powdery or granular materials with good flowability very uniformly, so that the mixed materials reach a better effect.

3D swing mixer performance

Performance characteristics:

1. It has multi-directional movement, so that the mixing of materials in the cylinder is more, the mixing effect is remarkable, and the mixing uniformity is higher than the uniformity of the general mixer;

2. The mixing cylinder of the three-dimensional rocking mixer is planned to be finely polished on the inner wall of the body;

device installation:

1. The machine is unloaded, loaded and commissioned before leaving the factory. It can be shipped from the factory after normal operation, and is safe for users.

2, transport mode: 600 liters (including 600) select the whole machine from the factory, do not manufacture feet, bolts; 600 liters or more use split transport, manufacturing feet, bolts.


1. This machine selects electromagnetic speed regulation (or frequency converter speed regulation). Before starting the machine, turn on the main power supply, the power indicator light is on, then start the motor button, then start the on/off switch on the speed control panel (the inverter can press the touch button) , the indicator light is on, then slowly rotate to reach the normal mixing speed;

2. If the user needs temple mixing time, this item should be drawn up in the contract. Our factory may install a time relay to allow the user to mix the time according to the mixing requirements of the materials;

3. After the mixing is completed, shut down according to the order of power-on. If it is found that the material is not ambition, you can click the button to reach the blanking requirement.


1. The mixing of the machine is a three-dimensional space mixing, and a safety protection bar is added within the effective range of the material cylinder to avoid a life safety incident. Before starting the machine, avoid standing before the cylinder to avoid accidents;

2. When loading and unloading, the electric power of the equipment must be shut down to prevent malfunction of the electrical appliance and form unnecessary incidents;

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Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

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