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Lifting the mixing effect of the coulter mixer

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Lifting the mixing effect of the coulter mixer

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The mixing action of the coulter mixer depends not only on the rotational speed of the coulter mixer, but also on the factors such as the size of the gap between the barrel and the coulter head of the coulter mixer and the length of the barrel.

Coulter mixer loading

The power consumption and mixing of the coulter mixer is related to the spindle speed and the arrangement and number of the flying knives. The faster the speed, the stronger the shearing effect, the better the crushing effect, and the production capacity will improve. Generally, the rotation speed is controlled at 1440 rpm to facilitate mixing. The speed of the flying knife should not be too fast to avoid the temperature rise of the material. The temperature should be controlled, and the temperature should not be too high. The selection is controlled so that the material can be uniformly mixed in a short time, and it is not suitable to adhere to the inner wall of the mixer during mixing.

In order for the coulter mixer to achieve an excellent mixing effect, it is required to charge the loading amount at a time. If the loading amount is too much, the material in the coulter mixer will affect the mixing action and the extended mixing time due to insufficient active space, and increase the power consumption; if the loading amount is too small, it will also be due to the coulter mixer. The material is too small to form enough resistance, which weakens the mixing and extends the mixing moment. Therefore, the amount of charge during mixing operation is related to the composition and properties of the material, the structure of the machine, the method of operation, and the operating conditions.

The loading amount of a general coulter mixer is related to the working volume of the coulter mixer. The control of the operating conditions of the mixer, ie the control of the material temperature and mixing time, is generally related to the formulation of the material. When operating, it is necessary to mix evenly, and to avoid the occurrence of material molecular degradation. In operation, the mixing operation process is generally controlled by observing changes in the readings of the ammeter of the main motor. The mixing operation is generally controlled at around 4-8 mm. For example, the material in the mixing process is generally in the form of powder. The slightly granular material is generally required to be chopped by means of a flying knife of the mixer to facilitate destruction or pelletizing.

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Address: No. 1381, Xitang Avenue, Xitang Town, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province

Tel:0573-84605555  84605757  84605522

Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

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