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Dry powder mixer features and maintenance

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Dry powder mixer features and maintenance

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Dry powder mixer is a kind of multi-functional and efficient equipment which integrates dispersing, emulsifying and mixing. It is composed of high shear emulsifier, high speed disperser and special tripod anchor agitator. Therefore, the fluid model of the mixer has changed greatly. When the homogeneous mixer continuously sucks upward from the bottom of the tank and sprays horizontally, it meets the vertical cutting of the anchor agitator along the circumferential rotating flow in different layers and high sections, which greatly reduces and distorts the velocity of the horizontal flow pattern. The high-speed disperser further disperses and smashes the particles in the logistics.

Main features of dry powder mixer:

(1) Advanced structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation.

(2) The mixing speed is fast and the quality is uniform. The double helix of this machine is arranged asymmetrically, and the mixing range is enlarged by one big and one small, so it is more suitable for mixing materials with large proportion disparity than for mixing materials with large proportion disparity.

(3) The energy saving effect is remarkable. Compared with the drum mixer, the energy consumption of this machine is only one tenth.

(4) Wear and pressure feeding of particulate materials are very small, and no superheating reaction occurs in the mixing of heat sensitive materials.

(5) The mixture is stable and does not occur stratification and segregation.

(6) This secret is dust-free, simple to operate, convenient to maintain and long to apply. In addition, according to the requirements, the cone can be made into a pressure vessel for pressure or vacuum operation.

(7) The autobiography and revolution of the machine are completed by a set of motors and cycloidal pin transmission reducer.

Use and maintenance of dry powder mixer:

1. Installation: Place the machine smoothly, install the machine foot, pad flat, and make the machine run smoothly.

2. Fuel the refueling area before use, and then carry out no-load operation to check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the electricity is normal, whether the machinery is working properly, if there are abnormalities, carry out repair and debugging.

3. Turn the feeding inlet to the top, open the feeding cover for feeding, and the feeding volume should not exceed the prescribed volume. Then close the feeding cover and start the machine to run. If abnormalities are found in the way, the machine must stop and check.

4. Wash the hopper inside and outside after work or change varieties.

Dry powder mixer

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Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

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