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Double spiral cone mixer

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Double spiral cone mixer

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Applicable characteristics

1. It is suitable for materials with large material weight and large powder particles;

2. It is suitable for the mixing process of ceramic glazes, and it will not press or break the material particles;

3. There is no overheating on heat sensitive materials;

4. In the powder-powder mixing process, it is very convenient to add the liquid required by the working condition or to set one or more spray port devices;

5. The bottom misalignment valve is convenient to discharge. Since there is no fixing device at the bottom of the spiral, there is no pressure feeding phenomenon.

Meike Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in research and development, production, marketing and service of high quality mixer mixing machine and horizontal ribbon mixer. It is widely used in chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, oil field, oil refining, pesticide, veterinary drug, paint, pigment, dye. And additives. Metallurgy. Smelting. Refractory. Mine. Building materials. Electronic plastics. Feed. Breeding. Medicine. Bioengineering. Food. Ceramics. Glass and new materials, nuclear energy materials and other industries.

Meike Machinery Co., Ltd. will be based on the market, focus on the future, and keep making progress. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our company, conduct business negotiations, discuss together, and create a better future. Welcome to inquire: 13917355666

Spiral cone mixer

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Address: No. 1381, Xitang Avenue, Xitang Town, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province

Tel:0573-84605555  84605757  84605522

Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

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