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Gravity-free mixer equipment

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Gravity-free mixer equipment

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The gravity-free mixer can be roughly divided into two types: an ordinary gravity-free mixer, a fly-type gravity-free mixer, and the latter mainly for a type in which the material contains fibers and the fly knife is cut and then mixed. It is widely used for drying and mixing of dry powder mortar, chemical, pesticide, detergent, pigment food, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, salt, feed, chemicals, ceramics, plastics, rubber additives and other powders.

Meike Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in research and development, production, marketing and service of high quality mixer mixing machine and horizontal ribbon mixer. It is widely used in chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, oil field, oil refining, pesticide, veterinary drug, paint, pigment, dye. And additives. Metallurgy. Smelting. Refractory. Mine. Building materials. Electronic plastics. Feed. Breeding. Medicine. Bioengineering. Food. Ceramics. Glass and new materials, nuclear energy materials and other industries.

Meike Machinery Co., Ltd. will be based on the market, focus on the future, and keep making progress. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our company, conduct business negotiations, discuss together, and create a better future. Welcome to inquire: 13917355666


Product use range

Widely used in chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, food, dry mortar, dyes, pigments, feed, additives, plastics, coatings, refractory materials, insulation materials, bio-engineering and other industries.


The machine is extremely suitable for solid materials except powder. It has high mixing speed, high mixing precision, no segregation, mild mixing process and large filling factor, stable operation, sealing operation, convenient installation, use, maintenance and repair, etc. Features.

Structural features

1. The gravity-free mixer is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a cylinder cover, a cylinder, a feed port, a main shaft, a blade, a chain drive, a sealing device, a discharge valve and the like.

2. The machine is a W-shaped horizontal cylinder. Under the drive of the reducer, the two spindle blades are rotated in the opposite direction by chain and sprocket or gear to mix.

3. The mixing time is short, the general material can be completed in 3~5 minutes, and the mixing uniformity is high.

4. If the user has a spray mixing process, a device that produces a mist spray can be configured.

working principle

Under the drive of the reducer, the gravity-free mixer drives the two main shafts to rotate in opposite directions through the chain and the sprocket or the gear. The blades on the main shaft advance the material in one direction, because the materials on both sides move in opposite directions. So quickly dissolve into the other side of the area, the material back and forth so that the central part of the formation of a fluidized weight loss area and rotating eddy, and continuously flip in the axial direction, the formation of a full-scale compound cycle, quickly achieve mixing Uniform effect.


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Address: No. 1381, Xitang Avenue, Xitang Town, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province



Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

Mixer manufacturer, horizontal mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer

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